Friday, May 22, 2015

Math: Week 34

MSM2 Blocks 1/2 & 7/8
SOLs Covered:  SOL 7.5-7.8 Measurement & Geometry
Math Packet:  SOL Review Folder
Upcoming Assessments:  Math 7 SOL Test(Block 1/2 Fri. 5/29/15; Block 7/8 6/2/15)

7H Block 5/6
SOLs Covered:  SOL 8.6-8.11 Measurement & Geometry
Math Packet:  SOL Review Folder
Upcoming Assessments:  Math 8 SOL Test (Mon. 6/1/15)

It's been another busy week of SOL review and I'm kind of warn out!  I'm going to try to keep things on the short side (yes, I know I keep saying that and then most of the time give you an essay!) since I'm sure you all want to start your holiday weekend as well!

This week's focus for all the classes were the measurement and geometry standards for their respective classes (Math 7 for Blocks 1/2 and 7/8; Math 8 for Block 5/6).  In addition to all the materials we've been using for review since last week (Interactive Achievement with the released SOL tests, a review packet of material compiled by the county, and the county's "mini SOL" quizzes), we also gave Explore Learning® and their Gizmos® a try since Dr. Grimes worked out an extended free trial for us.  This is a site I used a bit in the past at the beginning of my career (you got a lot more for free at the start of their site and my old school bought a subscription one year), so I'm really excited about the possibility of us getting it next year here at EDMS as well as for this opportunity to see how it's grown and changed over the years!  The kids started working on an assignment reviewing the geometric transformations (most students are pretty solid on reflections and translations but still struggle significantly with rotations), but I've loaded "Gizmos" (interactive online simulations) for all of the topics we've covered this year, so students can use them as part of their personal review time outside of class as well.

Students wrapped up the week with the fifth and final mini-SOL quiz.  Most students finished during class and I was able to grade it and give it right back to them.  Some of the quizzes had to be graded after the kids left and those students will get theirs back next week while a few others still need to finish.  All the kids will get a letter that will be attached to their answer sheet explaining which topics should be their personal focus when studying/reviewing at home.  This should help students fine tune the topics they spend the most time studying; if your understanding of a topic is already strong, time would be better devoted to the areas you struggle to understand.  Since the first Math 7 SOL test will be given next Friday (Block 1/2), students were told to take their SOL Review folders home to study over the long weekend.  The folders are expected to return to class each day next week so we can continue to use them in class.

Students have been told that all make-up work and corrections (any "old" work from before this week) needs to be turned in by Tuesday, May 26th for it to count towards their grade.  There are a few exceptions that have been made and those students should know if they have been given additional time for whatever reason, but parents should feel free to email me if they have any questions.  We will still have a few more grades as we will keep working through the end of the year (though some of the "fun" activities that have to be pushed aside during the year can finally be done), but grades are for the most part where they'll stand for the year.  Please encourage your child to take advantage of this last opportunity to bring up their grades.  This includes a final extra credit opportunity I've shared with the kids; I've told them that if they'd like to create a Kahoot!© for us to review with next week, I'll give summative points for their work.

Well, it looks like I've gotten a bit long winded again and it's already an hour after school let out and I'm sure the parking lot is already empty of everyone else, so I'm going to end things here.  Have a great weekend!

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