Thursday, January 04, 2007

Homework: Jan. 1

For the week of January 1, 2007

Mon. 1/1
School Closed for New Year's Day

Tues. 1/2
All Blocks: Interview a parent/guardian about his/her budgeting needs. Find out about how much is spent on groceries and gas for the week, utilities for the month, insurance, etc.
This is to accompany our budgeting project done in class and to give students some perspective on real-life math issues. The information is not shared with anyone and will be used only by you for your classroom project. Remember your parents can't always buy you that new MP3 player (or whatever else you may want) because they have to deal with these real-life math problems everyday.

Wed. 1/3
All Blocks: Textbook check; bring your textbook in for the check.

Thurs. 1/4
No Weekly Warm Up Quiz this week.
Blocks 1&3: 4-5 Study Guide
Block 4: 5-4 thru 5-7 Practice #1-3

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