Monday, January 22, 2007

Homework: Jan. 22

For the week of January 22, 2007

Mon. 1/22
Blocks 1&3: 11-3 Study Guide; signed & corrected quizzes
Block 4: Signed & corrected quizzes; organize notes & assessments

Tues. 1/23
Blocks 1&3: 11-3 Practice (even or odd only)
Block 4: Complete Benchmark review; study for benchmark test

Wed. 1/24
Blocks 1&3: Complete Benchmark review; study for benchmark test
Block 4: Signed & corrected test; study for benchmark test

Thurs. 1/25
Due to the field trip scheduled for social studies classes on Friday and the end of the term, there will not be a written homework assignment nor a weekly warm up quiz.
All Blocks: Organize notebooks for new term. Follow the guide taped to your math divider and make a "packet" of 2nd Nine Weeks material to study from and keep at home.

**Important Note for All Blocks** All make-up work and retakes must be completed by Thursday afternoon. Liberty Points must also be turned in by this time in order to be used as extra credit points for the term.

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