Friday, March 23, 2007

Notes on Percent of a Number

Percent of a Number

The easiest way to do problems dealing with percent of a number is using the proportion seen below. If you color-code any given word problem accordingly, it will help you ensure that the proportion is set up correctly.

The parts seen in black will be the same for every problem. Set up a proportion with those pieces to begin working the problem and continue fillng from there. Looking for the percent sign (%) first is probably the easiest way to start filling in the remaining pieces of the proportion. Continue by looking for the words is and of. You cannot expect every problem to always have those words, so you may have to really think about the information you have been given. Remember that your of is the total you would be taking part of for the is portion.

::Note:: You can change the red, green, and blue to suit your own preferences. However, if you do change them, it is important that you stick to those colors each time you sit down to work percent of a number problems. This should also help prevent you from making "silly" mistakes.

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