Monday, March 30, 2009

Homework: March 30

For the week of March 30, 2009

Mon. 3/30
Blocks 1&4: 13-1 Study Guide, all
Block 3: 11-6 Study Guide, all

Tues. 3/31
Blocks 1&4: 13-1 Practice, even/odd
Block 3: 11-7 Study Guide, all

Wed. 4/1
Blocks 1&4: 13-4 Study Guide, all
Block 3: 11-5 Study Guide, all

Thurs. 4/2
Blocks 1&4: Complete Probability worksheet ("Mountain" side only); study for Probability Quiz
Block 3: 11-5 Practice, even/odd

Fri. 4/3
All Blocks: STUDY!!!
Even though you are going on Spring Break next week, it would be a good idea to spend sometime reviewing as the SOL tests are quickly approaching. We will begin major preparation for the SOLs as soon as we return from break, with weekly homework review packets and weekly quizzes. This is in addition to the new material we still need to cover before the test.

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