Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Jan. 18-22

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.9 (MSMI.12) Metric System; SOL 6.10 (MSMI.13) Determining Units of Measure
New Math Dictionary Sections:
(16) Metric Measurement & (17) Comparing US Customary & Metric
Upcoming Assessments: 2nd Benchmark on Tues. 2/2/10

Upon returning to school after a three-day weekend, we began our unit on Metric Measurement. The unit includes converting from one unit to another, comparing measurements, and determining appropriate units of measure for a given situation. Students are beginning to memorize the conversion guide for this system using our mnemonic King Henry Died By drinking chocolate milk, which helps make converting between the units quicker and easier. We are again focusing on length and how it relates to area questions, volume/capacity, and mass, which included a discussion on how it is different from weight. We also went into general comparisons between the metric and US customary system, though exact conversions are not needed at this time. The week was wrapped up with a quiz on the Metric System.

The International System of Units (SI) with the BIPM


  1. Monday is a student holiday.
  2. The 2nd math benchmark test is scheduled for Tuesday, February 2. Start studying now!

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