Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Jan. 25-29

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.6 (MSMI.8) Decimal Division
New Math Dictionary Sections:
(18) Solving Problems with Decimals
Upcoming Assessments: 2nd Benchmark on Tues. 2/2/10

After receiving their first semester math grades, students started the week by reflecting on how they did the first two terms. We talked about the qualities and actions that make a student successful before students started drafting a letter to their parents or guardians that will go out at the beginning of next week about how they did and the things they now plan to do to either continue along their path of success or to be more successful this term. Overall, students seem to have taken this very seriously and I am so proud of all the students that are taking steps to improve themselves.

In addition to the self-evaluation, we reviewed how to solve problems with decimals and introduced division with decimals in the divisor. While students started dividing with decimals last year, the decimal was only in the dividend, so students have needed to add a few more steps to the process. To help keep problems organized, students were shown how simply turning their paper on its side can help keep everything in straight columns and thus eliminate some of the errors they were making before. To help make the entire process easier, students are encouraged to continue practicing basic ("elementary") multiplying and dividing. The week was wrapped up with a quiz on dividing decimals.

Because of the impending inclement weather, I have posted our
review for the second benchmark test. My hope is that we will have more time next week to review before testing, but I encourage students to take the time to review over the weekend on their own. I hope that students are studying some every weekend, but it is especially important this weekend.

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