Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Feb. 1-12

SOLs Covered: SOL 7.5 (MSMI.11) Integer Addition
New Math Dictionary Sections:
(19) Add Integers
Upcoming Assessments: 2nd Benchmark TBA; Integer Addition Quiz TBA

The past two weeks have been quite atypical, so this weekly class summary will naturally be a little atypical as well. I would like to start this entry not with a listing of things we have covered but with a "THANK YOU" to all of my wonderful students. As my students know, my grandfather passed away last week. While things are still tough for me right now, every single one of my students have been so incredibly wonderful. I am truly blessed to have such a great group of kids and could not be prouder of them than I am right now. For the only day that school was held last week (Thursday, February 4th), there was a substitute teacher in for me and the report that was left for me was glowing. After returning this week, all of my students have continued the exceptional behavior to make things easier for me, which is no small feat since they have had to get used to being in school all over again after the many closings and delays. "Thank yous" to all of my students for trying to make things better for me!

Students received the benchmark review worksheet from the substitute last week, which we continued and went over upon our return this week during our review sessions. At this time, the date of the benchmark is to be determined as the school works through the calendar to adjust for the five days we were closed and the two delayed-opening days. The week was wrapped up with the introduction of a new unit, addition of integers. After finishing notes, students worked on simple "all positive" or "all negative" questions while problems involving both positives and negatives will be focused on next week as they are slightly more complicated.

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