Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Feb. 15-19

SOLs Covered: SOL 7.5 (MSMI.11) Integer Addition; SOL 6.2 & 7.6 (MSMI.2) Ratios, Rates, & Proportions
New Math Dictionary Sections: (20) Ratios, Rates, & Proportions
Upcoming Assessments: Ratios/Rates/Proportions & Fractions/Decimals/Percents Combined Quiz on Thurs. 2/25/10; 7th WWU Quiz on Fri. 2/26/10

We began the week by wrapping up our unit on integer addition, taking the quiz for the unit on Tuesday. Most students did extremely well with this unit, but many still need to go back and review the section on basic integers (Sect. 2) for the rules/tricks for comparing and ordering integers. Most students have no trouble comparing two integers, but some struggle when dealing with more than two.

Wednesday was spent in the computer lab taking the second benchmark test. Scores were lower than I had hoped and when factoring in the multiple snow days and delays, I have decided not to count the actual test grade towards the term grade but to give a classwork grade for showing work and the accompanying vocabulary assignment that was given. We will be going over the benchmark questions gradually in the coming weeks by using the same questions as warm up questions so we have more time to go over them in detail without encrouching on the time needed for new units.

We finished out the week by starting our unit on ratios, rates, and proportions that will carry over into next week and will connect with our next unit on fraction, decimal, and percent relationships and the following one on probability. Students have been encouraged to accompany parents/guardians on grocery shopping trips if possible so that they can observe how unit rates in particular are used to help make cost-effective shopping decisions. Any student that brings in a parent/guardian note stating that they did so can receive Stingray Points for the activity.

Ratio Stadium Game from Arcademic Skill Builders

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