Friday, March 05, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Mar. 1-5

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.20 & 7.15 (MSMI.25) Probability
New Math Dictionary Sections:
(21) Probability
Upcoming Assessments: Probability on Mon. 3/8/10; 8th WWU Quiz on Fri. 3/12/10

We started the week with a new unit on probability that connected with our previous units on ratios and fractions, decimals, and percents since probability is expressed in any of these forms. Throughout the unit, we worked on calculating the probability of an event happening along with whether it would be impossible, unlikely, likely, or certain. Students learned out to express all the possible outcomes of a situation when multiple events must be taken into account, such as finding all the possible combinations available for ice cream given different cones, ice cream flavors, and toppings. While these can be expressed in various ways, such as a list or chart, students found that a probability tree can be much easier for problems that involve more than two events, even if the tree does become quite long by the end. On Wednesday, students got to apply what they learned while watching "Deal or No Deal" and calculating the probability that the contestant had (or did not have) the winning case and the probability that the case was higher or lower than what was offered by the Banker.

The quiz that was originally scheduled for Friday was postponed until Monday in order to give us an extra day to work and review prior to the assessment. Students are asked to study over the weekend to prepare and were given two extra worksheets to help them with this. The best way to study for math is usually by working problems. Students can also practice and play with probability by playing games that involve cards or dice and predicting the probability of drawing a certain card or rolling a certain pair.

Virtual Coin Toss from Cyberchase

Deal or No Deal from

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