Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Mar. 8-12

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.19 & 7.16 (MSMI.24) Measures of Central Tendency
New Math Dictionary Sections:
(22) Measures of Central Tendency
Upcoming Assessments: Measures of Central Tendency on Mon. 3/15/10

We started the week by taking the quiz on probability. Tuesday had us starting a new unit on the measures of central tendency, which is mostly review for students as they are very familiar with it from fifth grade. The measures of central tendency are mean, median, and mode, but range is always included with the unit. A few new aspects have been added in that do make the unit slightly more complex than what they are used to from the past. Students are now given problems for median where they have an even set of data, so there is no middle number. Students have learned now how to calculate the median in this circumstance by finding the average of the two middle numbers. They must also identify when they would use each measure of central tendency for given situations. We discussed how they would use mean anytime the numbers are close in range (i.e. no numbers are much greater or much less than therest), median when there are numbers much greater or much less than the rest, and median when the most frequently occurring number is needed (i.e. normally when categorizing is involved). The quiz for this unit will be given on Monday (or possibly Tuesday) of next week since the 8th WWU Quiz was given on Friday, March 12, 2010.

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