Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Apr. 19-23

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.13&14 & 7.9&10 (MSMI.16&17) Triangles
New Math Dictionary Sections: (27) Triangles
Upcoming Assessments: Quadrilaterals & Polygons Quiz on Thurs. 4/29/10; "You Can Do It" SOL Review Quiz 3 on Fri. 4/30/10

Most students wrapped up the SOL simulation test on Monday. Students received a grade for their classwork, but at this time the actually test grade will not be averaged into their term grade since there are still topics that have not been covered yet nor have we been able to review. Their score will however be posted at the bottom of their grade reports with Fail, Pass, and Pass Advanced listed to indicate what students could expect to receive if the SOL was given at this time. Most students will improve these scores after the rest of our 6th grade curriculum is taught and the almost two weeks of review that will take place right before the test is given. At this time, it appears that 1st Block will test on May 27th, 2nd Block on May 28th, and 4th Block on June 1st.

Tuesday saw the introduction of the classification of triangles for those students that had completed their simulation test. Since several students needed to be sent back with the other 6th grade classes to complete testing, the PowerPoint for this unit will be shown next week when the classification of quadrilaterals is introduced. However, students that would like to view the presentation early or that simply would like to view it again after it is covered in class can watch it below or find it in WMV format on EdLine. In addition to classifying triangles (by angles: acute, right, obtuse; by sides: equilateral, isocesles, scalene), the sum of the interior angles of a triangle (180°) is also covered. Students must be able to find the missing angle when the other two are given. This will be connected with the sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral next week.

This week's review packet was Computation & Estimation. This is one of the harder sections for students since they are not allowed to use a calculator for any of the work. All students are encouraged to practice basic multiplication and division in order to ease some of the difficulties they find with such problems. The quiz for this section was given on Friday and will be returned next week. Next week's review packet will be Patterns, Functions & Algebra. All sections can be found with the following link: SOL Homework Review Packets. If time permits, answer keys for everything will be posted after the sections are covered and all students have finished the quizzes.

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