Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Apr. 26-30

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.14 & 7.9&10 (MSMI.17) Quadrilaterals
New Math Dictionary Sections: (28) Quadrilaterals
Upcoming Assessments: Geometry Test on Thurs. 5/6/10; "You Can Do It" SOL Review Quiz 4 on Fri. 5/7/10

The classification of quadrilaterals was covered this week, which entails an analysis of the quadrilaterals attributes. Students must look for parallel and/or non-parallel sides, compare side lengths, and compare angle measures in order to classify each type of quadrilateral. When they move onto higher level geometry classes, they will work with these attributes again along with several others. We viewed both the PowerPoint for this unit along with the presentation on the classification of triangles, both of which can be viewed here on the blog or downloaded in WMV format from EdLine. Again, the sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral (360°) was covered, which includes finding a missing angle when given the other three.

There was a student-produced video found on YouTube that is both entertaining and educational. My students are reminded that if they would like to create something similar, they can receive extra credit and Stingray.

This week's review packet was Patterns, Functions & Algebra. The quiz for this section was given on Friday and will be returned next week. Next week's review packet will be Probability & Statistics. All sections can be found with the following link: SOL Homework Review Packets. If time permits, answer keys for everything will be posted after the sections are covered and all students have finished the quizzes.

Classifying Quadrilaterals by GeoGebra

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