Friday, April 02, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Mar. 29-Apr. 2

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.18 & 7.17&18 (MSMI.22) Graphing Data & Data Analysis; SOL 6.21 & 7.19 (MSMI.26) Numerical & Geometric Patterns
New Math Dictionary Sections:
(24) Patterns & Sequences
Upcoming Assessments: "You Can Do It" SOL Review Quiz on Fri. 4/16/10

The week began with our quiz on graphing. Grades for the quiz along with this week's homework and warm ups will be included in the fourth term. This is to allow students that scored a "Not Yet" grade on the quiz, failed to turn in the HW or WU assignments, or missed school this week a chance to bring up their grades, per the "Power of I" policy. These grades will be posted by the end of the week after we return once the next term offically begins.

Tuesday was spent in the computer lab exploring some of the sites bookmarked on the
class Portaportal. Focus was given to several sites in particular (Cyberchase, Lure of the Labyrinth, Mangahigh, and JLab), however students are encouraged to explore the other sites along with these over spring break and throughout next term to help them improve their math skills and prepare for the SOL test.

The rest of the week was spent exploring patterns, both with numbers (numerical) and pictures/shapes (geometric). The differences in the various types of numerical sequences were discussed and explored. Emphasis was placed on the need to carefully read SOL questions that deal with patterns/sequences as they often ask students to find terms several places beyond where they were left of instead of simply asking for the next one as most students would expect. The week wrapped up with an activity revolving around the book Spaghetti and Meatballs for All!: A Mathematical Story by
Marilyn Burns. After reading the book, we explored how different table arrangements (using toothpicks to illustrate) affect how many people can be seated.

The majority of students now have their SOL Homework Review packets. While they do not officially become an assignment until we return from Spring Break, students are encouraged to get a head start of the break. The few students that have not received the packets will need to bring their folders/binders in once we return or they will only receive each packet the week it is being covered, not in advance like everyone else.

While I would like for all students to spend part of break preparing for the last term, I do want everyone to enjoy the time off.

Lure of the Labyrinth from Thinkport

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