Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: May 24-28

SOLs Covered: All Math 6 SOLs
New Math Dictionary Sections: None
Upcoming Assessments: Block 4 SOL on Tues. 6/1/10; Congruency/Similarity & Surface Area/Volume Quiz (TBA)

Again the week has been focused completely on reviewing for the Math 6 SOL test that started on Thursday of this week. Students continued practicing their SOL Smart Chart and their multiplication chart to help them improve upon their performance on the test. We continued using the 2008 Math 6 test questions for daily warm up review and many students have submitted JLab quizzes, which also come from released SOL tests and provide immediate results with explanations for most questions, helping the students further understand the entire SOL testing process. In addition, we have played several review games throughout the week during non-testing blocks: Vocabulary Bingo, Vocabulary Speed competitions, and several different sorting group activities. We also discussed all the things that students should do on their own to prepare and what they should do the night/morning before they take their test (i.e. study, get a good night's sleep, have proper supplies ready, eat a good breakfast that morning, etc.).

Block 1 math students took their test on Thursday, May 27th and Block 2 on Friday, May 28th. Block 4 will take their SOL on Tuesday, June 1st. This is after the 3-day weekend (school is closed on Monday, May 31st for Memorial Day), so please do not forget to study over that time and prepare for Tuesday's test.

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