Friday, June 04, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: May 31-June 4

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.15 & 7.11 (MSMI.18) Congruency & Similarity
New Math Dictionary Sections: None
Upcoming Assessments: Similar Figures & Volume/Surface Area on Wed. 6/9/10

School was closed on Monday for the observation of Memorial Day and upon our return, Block 4 math students took their SOL test. Scores were all in by Wednesday and students were all told their scores by Thursday. While some students did not make a passing score, most students improved on their last practice SOL test. Grades for that test (T3 in Term 4 Grades) have been updated to show these improvements.

Even though our math testing is complete, the year is by no means over and we still have several topics to cover that will be needed and continued next year. This week we continued our work on congruency and similarity of polygons with focus on similarity. The main portion of this math dictionary section was completed during the first part of the unit prior to SOL testing, but students added several examples this week that came from various sources. These do not appear in the electronic set of notes:
(31) Congruency & Similarity. In these examples and throughout the rest of the work for this unit, we worked on color-coding the corresponding sides for a set of shapes in order to properly set up the proportions needed to prove the sets similarity or find the missing side of one shape. While this is not manditory for solving such problems, it does help eliminate the issues many students have in identifying which sides correspond ("match") in both shapes. Once the proportions are set up, they are solved just like any other proportion (review (20) Ratios, Rates, & Proportions). The unit will be assessed in a combined quiz with Volume and Surface Area, which will be covered next week.

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