Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Sept. 13-17

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.7 Estimation; SOL 6.4&5 (New 6.3 &7.1e) Natural numbers, Whole numbers, & Integers
Math Dictionary Sections: (1) Estimation & (2) Integers
Upcoming Assessments: Estimation & Integer Quiz (Tues. 9/21/10); WWU Quiz (Fri. 10/8/10)

We started the week by continuing our unit on Estimation and talking about four methods you can use to estimate in problems: rounding, clustering, compatible numbers, and front end. For most problems, rounding is the simplest way to estimate, but occasionally you might find some problems are easier with one of the other types of estimation. We also discussed how you can identify SOL questions that are asking you to estimate based on what keywords are found, such as about or approximately. Students came up with other times (outside of math class) you might use estimation in real-life situations (to double check work, to be a savvier shopper, to plan for events, etc.).

At the end of the week we began talking about Integers: what they are, comparing them, and how to order them. Vocabulary came into play again when we started going over some of the words that help us identify positive and negative numbers. Students also watched The Number Line Dance video (embedded below), which should help many of them remember how integers "work" on the number line. This unit will continue into the beginning of next week.


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