Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Sept. 20-24

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.4&5 Natural, Whole Numbers, & Integers; SOL 6.21 & 7.19 (New SOL 6.17) Numerical & Geometric Patterns
Math Dictionary Sections: (3) Patterns & Sequences
Upcoming Assessments: Powers & Exponents (TBA)

We started the week by wrapping up our Integer unit.  After reviewing everything we discussed last week, the students took a quiz on both Estimation and Integers.  The grades for those quizzes are pending, due to having to move into the new wing of the building (classes will be held in the new wing starting Monday, September 27, 2010).

The rest of the week was spent exploring patterns, both with numbers (numerical) and pictures/shapes (geometric). The differences in the various types of numerical sequences were discussed and explored.  Emphasis was placed on the need to carefully read SOL questions that deal with patterns/sequences as they often ask students to find terms several places beyond where they were left off instead of simply asking for the next one as most students would expect.  Students are reminded to first figure out the operation involved (if the sequence is getting bigger, it's either add or multiply; if it's getting smaller, it's either subtract or divide), then figure out the number that goes with the operation.

Cyber Pattern Player
Stop That Creature

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