Friday, November 12, 2010

Homework: Nov. 15-19

For the week of November 15, 2010

Mon. 11/15
All Blocks: List at least 10 things around your home which are rectangular or triangular in shape. This will be used for class discussions involving perimeter and area questions during the week.

Tues. 11/16
All Blocks: 10-2 Study Guide, all

Wed. 11/17
All Blocks: 10-2 Practice, even/odd

Thurs. 11/18
All Blocks: On grid paper, make a floor plan of one of the rooms in your home and find the perimeter and area covered by at least 3 of the objects (squares, rectangles, and/or triangles for now) that you have drawn. You can use the actual measurements or use the dimensions created on the grid paper.  Do not worry about proper scale at this time.

Fri. 11/19
All Blocks: STUDY!!!

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