Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekly Class Summary: Nov. 22-26

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.11 & 7.7 (New 6.10c) Coordinate Geometry - Perimeter & Area
Math Dictionary Sections: (11) Coordinate Geometry
Upcoming Assessments: Coordinate Geometry & Circles Quiz (Fri. 12/3/10)

Since it was only a two-day school week, we carried over our studies on coordinate geometry from last week. Much time was spent discussing perimeter and area word problems and real-world application of this geometry work. We will continue to take more time for classroom discussions of the real-life uses for each topic and to create our own word problems for each unit since most students grasp the basic computation work but struggle with the application of the concepts, especially when dealing with word problems. Students also spent time working on their city projects. Many students are taking their projects home with them to finish over the Thanksgiving break since they will be expected to finish it for one of next week's homework assignments.

Students have also been encouraged to discuss with their parents and guardians how they (the grownups) use our various math topics in their daily lives or at times for special projects. For instance, how they might use estimation while grocery shopping, how finding the perimeter of a yard was needed to buy fencing, etc. If students write up a summary of their "math chat" or do a video of themselves helping out with their math, they can receive Stingray Points for the work. This opportunity will be open to students the entire school year.

In closing this week, I would just like to say that I am thankful for having such a curious, caring group of kids this year. I hope everyone enjoys the break and the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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