Monday, December 06, 2010

Homework: Dec. 6-10

For the week of December 6, 2010

Mon. 12/6
All Blocks: 10-3 Practice, #1-9 all

Tues. 12/7
All Blocks: 6-5 Study Guide, even/odd

Wed. 12/8
All Blocks: 6-6 Study Guide, even/odd

Thurs. 12/9
All Blocks: Write 2 fraction word problems (1 adding + 1 subtracting) that involve "real-life" math. We will trade problems in class.  You can ask the adults in your life how they may have needed to find the perimeter and/or area for projects they've needed to at home or work.  We will trade problems in class and some might be used on future quizzes. Study for WWU 4 Quiz

Fri. 12/10
All Blocks: STUDY!!!

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