Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Jan. 10-14

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.6 Dividing Decimals; SOL 6.1 & 7.1 (New 6.2) Fraction & Decimal Relationships; SOL 6.8 & 7.4 (New 6.7) Consumer Applications
Upcoming Assessments: 2MP Review Quiz (TBA)

This week we got into the nitty-gritty of decimal division, starting with my tips on how to make both basic division and decimal division a little easier.
  1. Turn lined notebook paper sideways so you can line up the numbers in the columns. Decimals stay on the line, not in a column.
  2. Use a times table to help with multiplication (this is non-calculator SOL).
  3. Use estimation skills to help with division (and multiplication) when dealing with bigger (harder!) numbers.
  4. The mnemonic for steps of long division. (See picture on left)
  5. The mnemonic for decimal division: Outside, inside, up, divide! (See picture on right)

After practicing numerous examples, many students have found the entire process much easier, which was seen in their grades on the quiz.  This skill is being carried over into our next unit, consumer applications, since the majority of consumer application problems revolve around decimals.  To jumpstart this unit, we started by watching a new TLC© show called Extreme Couponing.  The students enjoyed watching the episode and calculating how much each person saved on one shopping trip.  We will continue this unit next week and touch on it again later this year after we have covered percents.

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