Friday, January 07, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Jan. 3-7

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.9 U.S. Customary Units; SOL 6.6 Dividing Decimals
Upcoming Assessments: Dividing Decimals Quiz (Wed. 1/12/11); WWU Quiz 5 (Fri. 1/17/11)

After returning from our two-week winter break, we jumped right back into work.  Since we were only very briefly able to start our unit on the U.S. customary system, we reviewed the little we had covered as well as what was learned in fifth grade.  We revisited the "Big G" (aka Gallon Man) but included fluid ounces for the first time.  We watched the BrainPOP cartoon on the system, which discuss the origins of the system and explains why the numbers used to convert from one measurement to another are not quite as "pretty" as they are with the metric system.  To help with conversions, we created a conversion guide to help switch from any given unit to another when dealing with measuring length/distance, volume, and weight.  After practicing our conversions at the beginning of the week, students took the quiz using their Conversion Guide card that was made in class the day before.  We wrapped the week up by practicing basic division (and multiplication) to prepare for our work on decimal division.

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