Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Feb. 14-18

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.9 Metric System; 6.10 Determining Units of Measure; SOL 7.4 (New 6.19 & 7.16) Properties
Math Dictionary Sections: (17) Metric Measurement; (18) Comparing U.S. & Metric; (19) Properties of Real Numbers
Upcoming Assessments: Properties Quiz (Wed. 2/23/11); Algebra Test (TBA)

After reviewing the metric system with heavy emphasis on our mnemonic and conversion guide, most students greatly improved their scores with the Metric Quiz Retake since they identified where they were making their original mistakes. Students were reminded that you do not include the unit you start the problem with when counting the number of places the measurement is being converted.

After wrapping up the metric unit, we began our unit on the properties of real numbers. The properties we are covering this year are communtative (both additive + and multiplicative ×), associative (+ & ×), identity (+ & ×), inverse (+ & ×), and the multiplicative property of zero. We started with basic definitions and examples, both numerical and algebraic, which is a preview of our upcoming Algebra unit. On day two of our properties work, students worked in groups to complete and sort various examples into groups by the properties (i.e. math rules) that allow the problems to work. Those students that stayed after school for DimensionU also practiced applying the properties in the game, which can be found in Level G, Topic Numbers and Operations, Skill Properties of Addition and Properties of Multiplication. After taking the latest WWU Spiral Quiz, students completed a properties graphic organizer that included examples they made up. These examples will be used in an activity next week, before we wrap this unit up and jump into algebra.

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