Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Feb. 21-25

SOLs Covered: SOL 7.4 (New 6.19 & 7.16) Properties; SOL 6.23, 7.20, & 7.21 (New 6.18 & 7.13) Algebraic Concepts
Math Dictionary Sections: (19) Properties of Real Numbers; (20) Algebraic Concepts
Upcoming Assessments: 8th WWU Spiral (Fri. 3/4/11); Algebra, Properties, & Inequalities Test (Tues. 3/8/11)

After returning from our three-day weekend, we took everything we've covered with properties and began merging it into our newest unit, which is an introduction of Algebra.  This might be the most important unit we cover all year since it takes up the biggest portion of the SOL test and because all Chesterfield County students take Algebra I, a high school subject, in the 8th grade either in its entirety or the first of a two-part course. To begin, we have focused mainly on vocabulary for the most part since there will likely be several SOL questions on vocabulary alone. We also reviewed some of our geometry section by reflecting on how algebra connects with all of our formula problems. Students did some work on basic substitution with formulas and various algebraic expressions. We also had a chance to work with on of the school's class sets of netbooks. All students with no missing work got a chance to play some of the games for these units (found on the Class Portaportal) while the others wrapped up any missing assignments.

Our algebra unit will continue next week along with a brief introduction to graphing inequalities (solving inequalities will be covered in 7th grade). As part of work on graphing inequalities, I am planning an activity that I could use a little help in the form of donations if any students' families are able. For the activity, I would need a minimum of 4 regular-sized packages of Oreos© and Twizzlers© (or Sour Straws© or Pixy Stix©). This would allow each student to have about two of each, so if more packages are donated, they can have more to work with for the activity and then enjoy after. I greatly appreciate any help that can be given and thank anyone who helps in advance.

Algebra Meltdown from MangaHigh

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