Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Mar. 21-25

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.1 & 7.1 Decimals, Fractions, & Percents; SOL 6.20 & 7.15 Probability
Math Dictionary Sections: (23) Decimals, Fractions, & Percents; (24) Probability
Upcoming Assessments: Central Tendency Quiz (TBA); Simulation SOL Test (TBA)

Monday saw us quickly wrapping up our decimals, fractions, and percents unit with a quiz and moving onto the next unit, probability. I believe the students have really enjoyed the work this week as we explored the wonders of probability. We did an experiment with Hershey Kisses® to determine how the theoretical probability of a Kiss® landing flat vs. tilted (50-50) matched up with their results. The data from this lab will be used with one of our future units, statistical graphing, which will be our first unit of the next (FINAL!) marking period. A huge thanks goes out to all those who donated the supplies for this lab!

Students also enjoyed filling out their "Sweet 16" brackets, which we then compared to probability trees and used to discuss the likelihood of filling it out with 100% accuracy. This will obviously be extended through the rest of the tournament as we see how things unfold (Go VCU! Go UofR! Go RVA!). We began playing several different probability games that can be played with a pair of dice (aka "fair number cubes" in SOL terms) and a marker for each player (we used pennies and dimes). I've had several students tell me they went home and played against family and friends and I would like to encourage everyone to keep playing. On days we find time in class when we've finished up all other work early, we will continue playing the games as well. Some of the leftover Kisses® from our lab will be used as prizes for the winners of each game. While the unit was officially concluded with a quiz on Friday, we will unoffically wrap it up with an activity based around the show Deal or No Deal™ during advisory over the next few weeks.

All students are reminded that the term ends next week on Thursday, March 31st. All make-up work is due before then, no later than Tuesday, March 29th. All grades for next week will be added onto the 4th term.

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