Friday, April 08, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Apr. 4-8

SOLs Covered: 6. 18, 7.17&18 (New 6.14) Graphing Data & Data Analysis
Math Dictionary Sections: (26) Graphical Methods
Upcoming Assessments: Simulation SOL Test (Mon. 4/11/11 & Tues. 4/12/11); Informal Statistics Quiz (Thurs. 4/14/11); "You Can Do It" SOL Review Quiz 1 (Fri. 4/15/11)

With the first week of the final term, we've gone into overdrive. The week started with a virtual lesson from the MathScience Innovation Center on crop circles. All sixth grade math classes participated in the virtual lesson, interacting with each other and the MSiC teachers through Elluminate© and the use of webcams, interactive whiteboards, and polling tools. Throught the lesson, students learned how farmers use the concept of "crop circles" to more effectively water their crops while trying to utilize as much area as possible. Students were challenged at the end of the lesson to attempt to use more land than the farmer in the examples given in the lesson.

The rest of the week was used to review the various graphical methods students are familiar with from elementary school and to learn a new one, the box-and-whisker plot. Students used their "old" skills to analyze various graphs and plots and to graph the results of our previous probability experiment, The Great Kiss© Toss. They also learned how to make and read a box-and-whisker plot through a foldable they made to add into their math dictionaries. The made several other box-and-whisker plots, including one for The Great Kiss© Toss, and analyzed premade plots. We will continue the unit next week and conclude it with an informal quiz, which will most likely be open notes and possibly include some discussion.

My students will all start their Math 6 SOL Simulation test on Monday, which is the formal launch of SOL Review season for us. This test will not be included in their Term 4 grades, but it will give students a feel for what they can expect on the actual SOLs. It will also provide me with information needed to more precisely pinpoint each student's strong and weak areas, allowing me to help students plan for their own personal review in addition to tailoring our classroom review for the areas we need the most work.  A letter detailing more of our SOL Review plans will be sent home next week.

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