Friday, April 01, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Mar. 28-Apr. 1

SOLs Covered: 6.19 & 7.16 (New 6.15) Measures of Central Tendency
Math Dictionary Sections: (25) Measures of Central Tendency
Upcoming Assessments: Central Tendency & Graphing Quiz (Fri. 4/8/11); Simulation SOL Test (TBA)

Most students were already very familiar with this week's work on the measures of central tendency. After reviewing what they remember about central tendency and the range of data sets and starting work that analizes gas prices (which will be concluded next week with our statistics unit), we viewed a YouTube cartoon on mean, median, and mode. This lead to a review activity that took place over Wednesday and Thursday, which had students writing scripts the first day for their own cartoons that were then animated the next day using when we went to the computer lab. Students got to choose from any of the topics we've covered this year, including those they are already familiar with that will take place in the upcoming term. All of the kids really loved the activity! Since this was their first time using the site, many students still have work to do on their cartoons, especially after discovering and delving into the many features the site has to make the cartoons more entertaining. I've promised to try to book the lab or netbooks in the near future so they can wrap up the cartoons they were working on for this assignment, but students can continue working and making other cartoons (for my math class or any of their other subjects) on their own outside of school. Any math cartoons made outside of class can earn them extra credit towards their final grades. They can also view and learn from their peers' videos through the accounts I made for them.

This week also allowed us to conclude our probability unit by watching Deal or No Deal™ during advisory and discussing the probability of a contestant walking away a winner. The show gave many students a new appreciation for how the laws of probability can affect their desired outcome for other situations as well. We compared the elimination of cases on the show to the elimination of answer choices on multiple choice questions, which allowed students to understand how the odds for a desired outcome can increase after each elimination and why certain testing strategies work.  Friday was a student holiday, which means they had an extra day to study over the material we've covered so far. Measures of Central Tendency by Kimberly Lambert

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