Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: May 16-20

SOLs Covered: Math 6 SOL Review
Math Dictionary Sections: 2010-2011 Math Dictionary Review
Upcoming Assessments: Math 6 SOL (Block 1 Wed. 5/25; Block 2 Thurs. 5/26; Block 4 Fri. 5/27)
SOL Review Section: Measurement & Geometry

This week was completely focused on reviewing for next week's SOL test. We started off with a YouTube review, going over many of the videos we've watched throughout the year and briefly discussing each. I've grouped these videos and others onto the class YouTube channel by topic so students can easily find them for their own review. Students then competed in two rounds of SOL Squares (in the style of Hollywood Squares) and later paired off to play a vocabulary concentration game. In groups, students did an error analysis on questions to find where mistakes were made in the problem-solving process as well as working on several questions sorts (Which Operation? Area, Perimeter, or Circumference? A, B, C, D?).

The final "You Can Do It Quiz" was given early so students could then get it back early to use for their weekend studying. With the final quiz, students should have a better idea which SOL strands they need to put most of their focus on leading up to the test. The SOL letter sent home in April will go home again tomorrow so parents and guardians can see where their children stand at the moment. I was able to remind each student which assignments they are still missing, what their grades are at this moment, and how to improve them. Students are reminded to have their Math Dictionaries updated for next week's I Spy-style review games and to spend time studying on their own or with friends and family during the time leading up to our SOL test.

Practice SOL Tests from Jefferson Lab

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