Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: May 23-27

SOLs Covered: Math 6 SOL Review
Math Dictionary Sections: 2010-2011 Math Dictionary Review
Upcoming Assessments: Math "Fakebook" Project (Completed by Fri. 6/10/11 in class)

This week was again devoted to the big state test. Since testing started on Wednesday, the first two days were used to continue last week's review work. Along with wrapping up the activities started last week, we played several vocabulary review games, a few rounds of bingo and one I call I Spy™, where I would call out something (a definition, an example, a mnemonic, etc.) that "I spy with my little eye" from somewhere in the Math Dictionary and students had to tell me what section it was from and what topic I was referencing. Candy prizes were given for correct answers, which made the game a favorite with students.

The rest of the week was taken up with testing. Scores are already starting to trickle in, which I will add to the bottom of the Term 4 grade reports on EdLine as I receive them. For students who completed testing, we watched several recent episodes of Extreme Couponing©, which the kids have been begging for ever since our Consumer Applications section was completed and the show became a full series. This allowed them to wind down from the pressures of testing and to take a little break before we get back into work next week. If anyone is able to donate colored printer paper, scraps of gift wrap, or other types of colorful, thin paper, it would be greatly appreciated. It will be used for an origami activity next week, which goes with our unit on angle and line bisectors, a non-tested SOL.

Ms. Lambert's Math Dictionary for the 2010-2011 school year

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