Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: June 13-17

SOLs Covered: Math 6 SOL Review
Math Dictionary Sections: 2010-2011 Math Dictionary Review
Upcoming Assessments: None

For this final week of school, students wrapped up their final review projects (their fake Facebooks), some of which can be seen below.  The others can be found on my SlideShare page.  All students worked really hard on their assignments, but several went above and beyond with their creative twists.  Their work will help future students better understand the various math topics.  Students also passed on their words of wisdom for next year's students through class brochures about their favorite math class memories and advice on how to handle Ms. Lambert's class.

This week also included the team awards assembly on Monday.  I gave out awards for Highest Average (1st Tasaan T, 2nd Blanca O, and 4th Tamai'ya B), Most Improved (1st Caleb H, 2nd Danyelle R, and 4th Leslie S), and Mighty Mathematician (1st Ketanya G, 2nd Lauryn B, and 4th Drizzt M).  Students with Perfect Attendance and those nominated for the Core Values were also recognized during the ceremony along with the other team teachers' awards. Friday, students enjoyed their last 6th grade moments during team field day, where they just got to hang out with their classmates and teachers before heading their seperate ways for the summer.

Remember that my sites will still be up and running, so please bookmark the addresses or add it to your RSS/Atom readers since they can still come in handy with your future school work. To keep your math skills fresh over the summer, continue playing DimensionU, which can qualify all students who registered for the 2010-2011 U Games National Scholarship Tournament for the U Games Summer Challenge. This comes with an opportunity to win a ton of cool summer prizes! For any students interested in challenging me (game name MsKLambert) to a few games over the summer, feel free to email some possible dates and times to meet up in one of the DimensionU game rooms. Students can do the same with their friends, just remember that you have to use one of the DimensionU game rooms if you are not playing on the same server, otherwise you will not be able to join in on your friends games. If DimensionU isn't your style of gaming, I have tons of other sites on the class Portaportal you can use to keep those skills fresh!

It's been an awesome year and I've enjoyed teaching everyone of my students! I wish you all the best and hope to see you next year as you pop-in to give me updates on how you've been doing. Have a great summer!!!

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