Friday, June 03, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: May 30-June 3

SOLs Covered: 6.16 Bisector Consturction
Math Dictionary Sections: (34) Angle & Line Bisectors
Upcoming Assessments: Math "Fakebook" Project (Completed by Fri. 6/10/11 in class)

Now that SOL testing is complete for 6th grade, we can have a little more fun with our work. Bisector consturction is a Math 6 SOL topic that is not tested on the state assessment, so it is usually covered after testing, as is the case this year. After showing students the traditional way to construct angle and line bisectors using a compass, I showed students a more unique interpretation of the unit through origami. The students really seemed to fall in love with this art form! Much of the week, which was shorter due to Memorial Day, has been taken up with creating the pieces for origami pinwheel rings. Students explored how the various folds bisect the angles at the corners of the paper and those made up where other folds intersect as well as how the folds would bisect the lines that make up the edges of the paper and other fold lines. We were also able to review several other geometry units through the various stages of origami construction (ex. turning our rectangular printer paper into squares, folding the square into a pentagonal shape, making bigger and smaller pinwheels makes similar shapes, etc). It was also an exercise in following directions in order to get make all the proper folds and get all the pieces put together properly. For those students that got the hang of the pinwheel origami, I showed them several other options, including how to make origami dollar rings. Overall, I think most of the kids really got into their work and many have started exploring origami on their own outside of class.

Students are reminded to have their math cartoon scripts finished and their two topics (Math 6 unit and/or famous mathematician) picked out for next week's tech projects.

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