Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Sept. 12-16

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.3a-c & 7.1e Integers; SOL 6.5 & 7.1d Powers, Exponents, & Square Roots
Math Dictionary Sections: (1) Integers; (2) Powers & Exponents
Upcoming Assessments: Powers & Exponents Quiz (Thurs. 9/22); WWU Quiz 1 (Fri. 9/23)

This week was mostly devoted to Integers. We discussed what they are, how to compare them, and how to order them. Vocabulary was a big focus when we started going over some of the words that help us identify positive and negative numbers. Students watched The Number Line Dance video again and then helped create a class number line by designing one piece (an integer assigned to them) that will go up in the room to help us with our future integer work. Students also created their own Integer Life Line, depicting the past as negatives, the present as zero, and the future as positives.

After wrapping up the Integer unit with a quiz, we jumped right into Powers and Exponents. This section will continue next week and both sections will show up on our first Spiral Quiz next Friday. These quizzes take place every other Friday and should help students prepare for what they can expect to see on the SOL test in the spring. We call them "Spiral Quizzes" since the questions are an ongoing spiral review of everything we have already covered, which should help keep the material fresh in their minds. Students are encouraged to review the Math Dictionary every weekend to help aid in their retention as well.

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