Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Oct. 10-14

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.19 & 7.16 Number Properties; SOL 6.18 & 7.13 Algebraic Concepts
Upcoming Assessments: WWU Quiz 3 (Fri. 10/21); Algebra, Properties, and Inequalities Quiz (Fri. 10/28)

Our unit on basic number properties continued this week, which included watching our favorite video again. We also came up with nicknames for each of the properties to help us remember what changes are taking place (see the "new and improved" notes). While working on a group sorting activity, students discovered and dissected the little "tricks" that are sometimes played in SOL-type questions. This led to a discussion on how you have to look carefully for the little nuances in a problem in order to properly identify the property being illustrated, which we compared to looking for the little differences in twins (and triplets) in order to distinguish who's who.

Properties Matching Game on Quia

The quiz for this unit took place on Wednesday, the results of which were not quite what we were hoping to see, so Thursday was spent going over each question in detail, picking out those tiny differences. A "bonus quiz" was then given, which helped many of the students pull their grades up tremendously. The bonus quiz was followed by the start of our algebraic concepts unit, small parts of which are review from fifth grade. This will carry over into next week, but we started by going over the vocabulary that will be a major focus over the next week and a half.

This week students were also given permission slips that will allow us to submit a project on, a website dedicated to supporting classrooms across the country through donations. In order to participate, we need to photographically document our use of the supplies once they are earned (we are hoping to get our own document camera) and write thank you notes to all the people whom donated to our cause. Please get these back as soon as possible so we can start earning money towards our goal.

Students were also given a new website (and login) this week to, which they tried when we had netbooks on Wednesday. Students seem to really be getting into our math gaming and I encourage them to play on their own at home. We will start having class competitions with prizes for the top players (predominately Stingray Points) in the near future, so start racking up those points now!

P.S.  I plan on holding a tutoring session after school on Thursday, October 20.  Students wishing to attend must get a bus pass from Ms. Lambert (not another teacher) in order to sign up.  Passes are required for all students, including those being picked up and not riding the activity bus since the pass also acts as a permission slip to stay late.  See me for further details.

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