Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly Class Summary: Oct. 17-21

SOLs Covered: SOL 6.18 & 7.13 Algebraic Concepts
Math Dictionary Sections: (5) Algebraic Concepts
Upcoming Assessments: Algebra, Properties, and Inequalities Quiz (Fri. 10/28)

The week was dedicated to the continuation of our algebra unit. Vocabulary is a major focus of the unit and our class "passwords" for the next few weeks will come from this section to help facilitate retention. Students learned how to represent equations with pictures and how this "looks mathematically" when solving a problem algebraically, which led into the promised candy corn and candy pumpkin activity. A huge "THANK YOU" to Jessica W, Luis P, and Chris G (and their families) for donating the needed manipulatives! Students used the candy to illustrate the algebraic process by keeping the Halloween see-saw balanced in the same way "4" helps "x" find his value in our new favorite video, seen below along with a picture version of the candy activity.

Students are just beginning to learn how the pictures translate into the use of algebra tiles, a paper set of which has been added in a "pocket" (sandwich baggie) in their Math Dictionaries. This will carry over into next week's lessons in addition to work on translating from English-to-Mathish and vice versa and the introduction of graphing inequalities. To those who are able to donate the previously requested Oreos and Twizzlers (or Pixy Stix), these will be used in an activity next week to go along with our inequalities work. Thank you again to Chris G (and his parents) for already donating supplies to help with this activity!

Please remember to sign and return the permission slips. In order to participate, we need to photographically document our use of the supplies once they are earned and write thank you notes to all the people whom donated to our cause. We've learned that the library should soon have enough document cameras for those of us who routinely use them, so I am now hoping to start a project requesting help getting computer mice and headphones that would make the students' math gaming experience a bit easier and more engaging (and thus more effective). Once I get a project/request posted, I will post further details and a link so students' families can contribute if possible and spread the word to others to help us get funding.

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