Monday, February 06, 2012

Activity Supply Donations Needed

We are hoping to do a Mathentine (Math Valentine) activity next week that requires red, pink, and white tissue paper (shade and print of the tissue paper do not matter). We are also running really low on glue sticks, which are already used on a weekly basis for the Math Dictionary. If any students (with their parents/guardians) can help by donating the needed supplies by Monday, Feb. 13th, my students and I would greatly appreciate it. Details on the actual activities will be posted in the weekly class summary once they've been completed (don't want to give away the surprise!).

I forgot about an m&m's® activity I'd also like us to complete as well in the next week or two.  Again, my students and I GREATLY appreciate the help and kindness.  For this activity, the  m&m's® need to be the regular colors (not holiday) and while I generally wouldn't care what type, we cannot have any with peanuts or peanut butter do to some student allergies.  These are needed by Wednesday, Feb. 15th.


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