Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Class Summary: Mar. 12-16

SOLs Covered: 6.16 & 7.9 Probability
Math Dictionary Sections: (24) Probability
Upcoming Assessments: Patterns & Sequences Quiz (Fri. 3/23)

The week started with students working in small groups on a set of probability cards, discussing whether the events in each problem were independent of or dependent on each other.  After agreeing on this, the groups then worked together to answer the questions and match up their work with three other cards: the probability written in word form [P(A,B)], the multiplication problem of the two ratios for each individual event, and finally the reduced answer.  Since I had to be out for a day of training on Tuesday, the students took the usual Friday Spiral WWU Quiz early, then working on a project we did not have time for earlier in the year (Design-a-Town based on coordinate plane skills), and (if they finished up early) working on making a Cartesian Cartoon to earn Stingray Reward Points.

Wednesday being Pi Π Day, we watched an oldie but goodie Pi video on YouTube and second block even got to enjoy a little bit of apple pie, courtesy of Jade F.  Thank you for sharing, Jade! Of course, the pie couldn't be enjoyed without reviewing a bit of our circle/pi vocabulary:

Because all of my classes received such great reports from the substitute (awesome job guys!), they were rewarded with a bit of lighter work in the form of watching NBC's Deal or No Deal© while analyzing the possibilities that the contestant has the highest value hidden away in his/her chosen case. The kids learned that the odds are definitely not in the contestants favor, despite what many of them though prior to watching and working out the numbers.

In preparation for our next unit on patterns and sequences (which will also encompass the lessons for the previously mentioned TESLA project), students got a chance to play Lure of the Labyrinth on the netbooks Thursday. Lure of the Labyrinth is an online game I have mentioned before that was created by Thinkport for middle school pre-algebra students and focuses on developing algebraic thinking through math-based puzzles with a comic book still narrative. Students seemed to really enjoy the games and backstory, so I will make sure we get to finish the game at some point before the year is over, though students can definitely play on their own outside of school if they like. A bonus day of "netbooking" was given on Friday for the first day of the TESLA project. As part of the project, students got to explore the world of Brainology, a program that allows students to discover how the brain works in an effort to help them understand how they think and thus helping them "think better." Students will get a chance to finish Brainology next week after we have completed Harvard's TESLA lesson.

Congratulations to this week's HW Stingray Reward winners!

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