Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Class Summary: Apr. 23-27

SOLs Covered: 6.14 Graphing Data & Data Analysis; 6.13 Classification of Quadrilaterals
Upcoming Assessments: "You Can Do It!" Quiz #4 (Thurs. 5/3); Math 6 SOL Simulation Test (Fri. 5/4 & Mon. 5/7); Quadrilaterals & Similar/Congruent Combo Quiz (Thurs. 5/10)

This week seems to have rushed by due to lots of work on top of altered schedules on Wednesday (early release day) and Friday (adjusted for an 8th grade assembly).  Students started the week with the data analysis quiz, which was a very rigorous assessment when compared to what students were used to in years past.  The quiz drew on skills from multiple areas, which led to a bit of student frustration, so I turned the quiz into more of a formative assessment.  Students were allowed to use their notes and later went over the work collaboratively, breaking down each questions and discussing what other skills (i.e. proportional reasoning, converting percents to fractions, etc.) were required to get to the final answer.

Before jumping into the newest unit on classifying quadrilaterals, we spent time going over the kids' prior geometry knowledge, specifically reviewing angles and triangles.  Though the two topics are no longer considered part of the sixth grade math standards, they do form the foundation to both our quadrilateral unit and the next unit on similar and congruent shapes.  Once we reviewed the basic vocabulary, we discussed how to use a protractor to measure angles, connecting back to the graphing unit and how the central angles of each section relate to the proportions of each.  Students then got a preview of the online testing tools, which includes an electronic protractor.  For some students, this year's test will be their first time SOL testing online; for others who have tested online, they will need to get used to slight changes in the testing software.  I will be giving the students time to practice using the practice items the VDOE has provided, but I encourage everyone to practice a bit on their own as well, so they do not have to worry about the mechanics of the test and can thus instead focus on the math.

After wrapping up our angle/triangle review, students worked on a quadrilateral matching activity that required matching up not only the names and pictures for each type but also their attributes (ex. two pairs of parallel opposite sides for parallelograms, rectangles, squares, and rhombi).  They also worked on sorting different sized and shaped quadrilaterals into various categories using the same attributes.  We will continue working with quadrilaterals next week, both "on their own" and in conjunction with the next unit (similar/congruent shapes).

Students yet again concluded the week with another "You Can Do It!" SOL review quiz (#3).  In addition to the fourth quiz next week, we are also scheduled to take our SOL simulation test, which will give us all an idea on the areas of strength and weakness in conjunction with these quizzes.  Students should study and review a little every night.  Any students who still have not brought in their folders for the SOL review packets need to do so as soon as possible since I will start putting them together next week.

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