Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Class Summary: May 7-11

SOLs Covered: 6.13 & 7.7 Classification of Quadrilaterals; 6.12 & 7.6 Congruency & Similarity
Math Dictionary Sections: (32) Congruency & Similarity
Upcoming Assessments: Volume & Surface Area Quiz (Wed. 5/16); Math 6 SOL Test (Block 1 Thurs. 5/31, Block 2 Fri. 6/1, Block 4 Mon. 6/4)

After finishing the SOL simulation test on Monday, the week was focused around congruency and similarity.   We went over the basic vocabulary (congruent, similar, corresponding sides and angles), symbols (congruent ≅ and similar ∼), "matching" the corresponding sides and angles, and calculating missing side measures.   With both the matching and calculations we worked on color coding (using highlighters, colored pencils, etc) the corresponding sides and angles as well as the necessary proportions used for the calculations.  This really helped all the students ensure each "piece" was in the correct spot and they could then find the missing side using one of our proportion solving methods, equivalent fractions or algebraically with cross products.

On Thursday, students took a combined quadrilaterals and congruency/similarity quiz before getting a bit of time on the netbooks.  As always, students were encouraged to check their grades on Edline, so they can work on getting whatever missing assignments turned in quickly in order to pull up the term grade and thus their overall year grade.   This term, I have been posting grades both for the term as well as the semester and year.  The grades are not set-in-stone and can always be brought up by turning in missing assignments or extra credit.  Homework is always posted here on the blog as well as on Edline, but students and parents should feel free to speak to me in class, call (v-mail ext. 6638), or email with any questions.   I want all students to end the year on a good note, so please work hard to bring your grades up (or keep them up if they're already "there").  We only have one unit left before we're strictly in SOL-mode, so students need to make every minute count!

Students took the final "You Can Do It!" SOL Review Quiz on Friday, so we will start going over those in-depth next week, matching up each question with the SOL review packets students will receive next week.  While we will be working together in class to review and prepare for the SOL, students are as always encouraged to put in their own time and work outside of school preparing for the test.  This year's test will be assessing the "new" SOLs (passed by the state in 2009 but implemented and tested starting now, 2012) and every test from elementary on up will have a heightened level of rigor (aka difficulty).  I know that all of my students are more than capable of passing the test, but they need to go in prepared for some of the hidden tricks: complicated wording, multi-step questions, new TEI questions (Technology Enhanced Items, not all multiple choice). Students need to study a little bit everyday before the test, not just the night before.  Please encourage your child with this endeavor.

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