Friday, June 01, 2012

Weekly Class Summary: May 28-June 1

SOLs Covered: All Math 6 SOLs
Math Dictionary Sections: All Sections of the MD
Upcoming Assessments: Math 6 SOL Test (Block 4 Mon. 6/4)

This shortened week was an incredibly busy week with the start of our Math 6 SOL testing.  Students worked on their review booklet that was passed out at the end of last week.  This contained hints (ex. % is out of 100) on how to answer questions for each of the twenty Math 6 standards as well as actual questions, which made up this week's homework.  We reviewed test-taking strategies and again looked over the VDOE's Grade 6 Mathematics Practice Items, discussing which strategies to apply to the different types of questions.

This led to further discussion of the new TEI questions (Technology-Enhanced Items), which are not multiple-choice.  These could take any of the following forms:  drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, hot spot ("objects" that must be selected to answer the question, which may require students to select one or more "hot spot zones"), or interactive graph problems.  While on the practice items, we reviewed how to best use the various electronic tools available on the test.

Block 1 took the test Thursday morning, Block 2 took the test Friday morning, and Block 4 will take it on Monday (don't forget to study this weekend!).  Scores are already coming in; we're really happy with some and could be happier with others, but I'm proud of how hard most students worked, even with the extra difficulties of this year's test compared to wait they've gotten used to over their past three years of state testing.  SOL scores can be found at the bottom of their math Edline grade reports under Term 4 Grades and under Sem 2 & Year Grades.

Since we are testing on the laptops in the classroom, everything "math" had to be removed from the walls and since it's about that time when everything needs to be packed up anyway, I started removing everything from the walls.  I have always felt it's a little said to see the room gradually stripped down to the plain walls, so I took a few pictures to remember what the classroom looked like this year.  After testing is completed next week, we will do a bit of fun work that can temporarily brighten the walls until the last day, but until then we'll have to look back to these pictures to liven things up!

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