Monday, September 17, 2012

Homework: Sept. 17-21

For the week of September 17, 2012

Mon. 9/17
All Blocks: Complete 8.1a1&2 wksh (f&b)

Tues. 9/18
All Blocks: Complete 7.2 & 8.1a3 wksh (f&b)

Wed. 9/19
All Blocks: Complete 8.4a&b wksh (f&b)

Thurs. 9/20
All Blocks: Complete "Order of Operations" wksh; study for PEMDAS Quiz

Fri. 9/21
All Blocks:  STUDY!!! Play math games!!!

Note:  Worksheets are now scanned and attached using the CamScanner, an awesome free app (both in the Apple & Android Stores) that I recommend to any other teachers out there looking for a quick and easy solution to sharing worksheets with their students.

HW for the week of 9/17/12

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