Monday, November 12, 2012

Homework: Nov. 12-16

For the week of November 12, 2012

Mon. 11/12
All Blocks:  Complete classwork assignment "CCPS Assessment SOL 7.16" and study for Properties Quiz (Tues. 11/3).  Do the best you can with each question; there are elements of several we haven't covered yet but we will continue to build on this topic and how everything applies to our algebra work in the coming weeks.

Tues. 11/13
All Blocks:  Complete "Practice Worksheet 1-8"

Wed. 11/14
All Blocks:  Complete classwork assignment  "Activity 35/Writing Expressions" wksh

Thurs. 11/15
All Blocks:  Complete classwork assignment "MSMII Test #3" review worksheet and study for Test on Properties & Verbal Expressions (Fri. 11/16)

Fri. 11/6
All Blocks:  STUDY!!! Play Math Games!!!

HW for the week of 11/12/12

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