Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Class Summary: Jan. 21-25

SOLs Covered:  7.4 & 8.3a Solving Practical Problems with Proportional Reasoning & Consumer Applications
Math Dictionary Sections:  (16) Ratios, Rates, & Proportions; (21) Congruency & Similarity; (27) Problem Solving with Percents
Upcoming Assessments:  None next week, others TBA

This will be a quick (and I mean VERY quick) weekly class summary as schools have closed earlier do the oncoming inclement winter weather.  What was already a shortened week do to schools being closed Monday in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr's Day was made even shorter with a two-hour delay on Thursday and a two-hour early release today.  Tuesday saw the students taking the consumer applications quiz, which instead of earning a "regular" grade, students followed along with me on Wednesday as I guide them through the proper way to work and answer each question.  This was done in part due to the time lost with last week's snow day in addition to the fact that the questions have become much more complex and students are still struggling with breaking down what a word problem is really asking, especially for multi-step questions.  This also helped us review and prepare for the proportional reasoning and consumer applications test, which was spread out over the rest of the week.

The grades for this week will be included with the next terms grades to give students a chance to finish as needed when we return next week.  Since this left us with only two actual test grades, I added a "work" grade for the progress they've made on the test thus far for showing their work and setting up the questions as I'd showed earlier in the week.  I also changed two other grades (the Mathalicious activity and the other classwork grade for showing work on the last test) into test grades to help compensate for only having two scores previously in the test category, now making five test grades for the category with the former classwork assignments adding up to be a bit more than another test.  Grades have been updated on Edline and reflect what the students have earned for the their report cards for the second term as well as their first semester grade.

With that, I'm headed out the door to beat the winter weather.  Everyone stay safe and enjoy the winter-ish wonderland that has become Virginia!

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