Friday, March 01, 2013

Weekly Class Summary: Feb. 25-Mar. 1

SOLs Covered:  7.6 Similar Figures; 7.8 & 8.8 Geometric Transformations
Math Dictionary Sections:  (21) Congruency & Similarity; (36) Transformations
Upcoming Assessments:  Surface Area & Volume Quiz (Fri. 3/8)

We started this week by revisiting congruent and similar shapes, emphasizing the concept's relationship to transformations.  Translations, rotations, and reflections all result in congruent shapes while dilations result in similar shapes.  We did extra practice with similar shapes on and off grids as well as indirect measurement of objects (e.g. using a known height to find an unknown height).  This merged into our two-day review session (see the completed study guide), preparing for today's geometry test on transformations and similar shapes along with a few review topics (just to keep the old material fresh).  The test might take me a bit more time than usual to grade since there are quite a few more non-multiple choice questions this time, reflecting some of the possibilities students can expect from TEI (Technology Enhanced Items) questions that will show up on the state SOL test in a few months (seventh grade math testing will start May 28th).  After the test, students started creating their artisitic reflections/rotations using their initials, my own example can be seen below.

Reflections and Rotations Initials Art
After the technical issues we had a few weeks ago, I've been left a little paranoid about grades updating and posting correctly since our grading program is completely web-based.  Because of this I've asked students to be vigilant in checking their grades before getting rid of any papers (in my opinion, they should get into a habit of doing that anyway).  I’m taking a few extra precautions as well when updating grades, not simply trusting the site/program when the “successful update” screen appears.  I’m checking over several individual reports each time I send, closing and opening the grading program more frequently to ensure recent entries are still there before returning papers, etc. to ensure the new grades are not lost “in the cloud,” but I ask that the students and parents try to check often as well to ensure they all get credit for the work they've done.  This will also help students who may have forgotten they had work they needed to give me as well as ensuring students and their parents always know where the grades stand at any given point.  I'll be sending grade reports home again sometime next week that will need to be returned signed, but I'm students will become more aware of their grades and realize their responsibilities when it comes to getting work turned in on time and the need to be studious with the content covered throughout the course.

Shmoop video on Similar Figures

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