Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Class Summary: April 8-12

SOLs Covered 7.12 & 8.14 Relations & Functions; 8.16 Graphing Linear Functions
Math Dictionary Sections (43) Relations & Functions
Upcoming Assessments Graphing Functions Quiz (Mon. 4/15); Probability Quiz (Fri. 4/19)

It's been a busy week back from Spring Break!  Students needing to complete the test from right before break did that while those who had finished got started on their error analysis on the test.  The error analysis must be completed by next Wednesday (4/17) to earn back full credit for each corrected answer; if they get it in a week after that (Wed. 4/24), they'll be able to earn back half credit for each, but after that point they'll need to turn the work in with either Liberty or Lambie Points to earn any credit back.  As mentioned in the last WCS, grades for that last week of Term 3 will be included in the Term 4 grades in order to give students this chance to pull up their test scores as well as having a chance to turn in the homework and classwork from that week if they did not before the break.  A few students taking the science field trip that week and many others who missed a day or two at the end of the week for various reasons, so they did not have to worry about rushing through the work or getting a zero for not getting the work in on time.

Line Gem from FunBased Learning
Students also had a review packet (which is labeled as a quiz on the student copies as it was previously planned to be given the day we were closed for snow) they started in class on Tuesday and we started going over during SOL Boot Camp (being held during SOAR each day: Tues. Block 1/2, Wed. Block 5/6, & Thurs. Block 7/8).  We paid particular attention to the functions questions as they related to the rest of our work for this week, which had us incorporating more graphing.  We went over how the linear equations, tables and graphs all relate to each other and how to find any one or two things when given other (for example, finding the table of values and equation when just given the graph).  I even gave them a little preview of some of the 8th grade Algebra content by talking about slope, the y-intercept, and how the two things combined can be found in an equation written in slope-intercept form.  While this was a little much of a jump for a few students (at least in its entirety), others took well to it and really appreciated the extra information (and dare I say it, but I think a few found it interesting!).  Friday was spent reviewing and I plan on spending a little bit of time reviewing again before the students take the quiz previously planned for today on Monday.

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