Friday, May 10, 2013

Homework: May 13-17

For the week of May 13, 2013

Homework for next week will be a continuation of this week's and since it again requires internet access, I'm posting the assignment early.  I ask that students continue to study their SOL review folder each night as well as completing at least five additional MangaHigh challenges on target (Bronze) or surpassing their previous levels (by reaching Silver or Bronze) by Friday, May 17th. The previously set challenges (40) are still available and I will look into adding additional topics.

Again the requirement is that students complete five new challenges, but that does not mean they have to restrict themselves to only five. The more you complete, the more you are reviewing! Some of the challenges are even the regular MangaHigh games!

It is unlikely I will be able to find additional computer lab time as other classes have simulation testing and the actual SOLs start for some classes next week, but I will look into seeing if I can snag one of the netbook carts so we can use them in class.  Again I encourage students to get a head start now if at all possible, though I know many plan on going home to continue their competitions after today's computer time.   Students and parents with any questions should feel free to email, message me on Edmodo, or ask in class.

Have fun reviewing!

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