Friday, May 17, 2013

Homework: May 20-24

For the week of May 20, 2013

Aside from students needing to make sure they bring back the signed (by a parent/guardian) bottom portion of the SOL simulation letter, homework for next week is simply to continue preparing for the upcoming SOL test (May 28-30).  I will not be giving them any official paper or electronic homework in order to give them time to focus on their own personal study needs.  Each student has his/her own areas of strength and weakness, as shown on the letter they received today (or will receive on Monday in the case of most of Block 7/8).  They should spend time over the weekend and each night during the school week working on their areas of weakness by watching the videos for those topics, reviewing their Math Dictionary, doing practice problems from their SOL review folder and our various sites, and playing games for those topics through some of our other sites, particularly the MangaHigh games (focusing more on the Prodigi questions) and TenMarks.  Any student (or parent) seeking extra paper work problems for any particular topic should feel free to email, message, or speak to me about it and I will get together some extra practice on those problems.

Again, students should continue reviewing every night but should also remember to not let the review and upcoming test overwhelm them, which is another part of why I want to loosen things up a bit the week leading up to their SOL test.  Remember I have faith in you and you got this!

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