Friday, June 07, 2013

Weekly Class Summary: June 3-7

SOLs Covered:  All Math 7
Math Dictionary Sections:  All Sections
Upcoming Assessments:  NONE!  We're almost there!

The students spent the entire week on the netbooks working on their final project, the previously mentioned Facebook project.  Students took math concepts and personified them, creating a Facebook page complete with "personal information" about the topic and "conversations" between their topic and other mathematical concepts.  For many students, this was a bit of a stretch for their imaginations, but they all worked hard and eventually got into the swing of things.  Several students even partnered together  to make their projects a bit more lifelike and I really love the outcome, so much so that I think next year the project will be assigned to partners or small groups as that seemed to help students relate better.  Check out a few of the stellar examples below!

Next week is the last week of school and while everyone's ready to start their summer vacay, I'm still planning math related activities starting with our mathematical origami, which I think the kids are really anticipating.  We've had quite a bit of paper already sent in, but if there are other families wanting to help out, I know we'll use up any paper supplies sent.  We have enough to do the basics, but if a majority of the students want to do the more complex shapes that require more squares (the examples I've shown them that they're all eager for take between 8-12 pieces each) then we might need more.  It will all depend on well they take to the art of paper folding.  Thank you so much to all the students and parents who have already sent in supplies:  Madyson B, Andres H, Mallory M, Jessi B, Precious D, Avia Rettmann, Drew C, Megan R, and Jordan T.  I apologize if I've left anyone off the list; please remind me and I'll correct the error.

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