Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekly Class Summary: Sept. 23-27

SOLs Covered:  7.16 & 8.15 Properties of Real Numbers
Math Dictionary Sections 6 Properties of Real Numbers
Upcoming Assessments Properties Quiz (Mon. 9/23); MSM2 Test 1 (Fri. 9/27)

This week, we started by finishing up last week's quiz.  Once I started grading quizzes, I realized I needed to touch on a few areas a bit more, thus I did a quick review of these areas before giving the kids a chance to make corrections and complete the quiz as needed.  On Tuesday, we went over the entire quiz together and how to complete a proper Error Analysis.  This involved us going over it in detail along with how to correct the work and give an explanation (either why it is answered the way it is or how the student got it wrong the first time).

Since I admittedly give quizzes with a pretty high level of rigor, which the students might not be used to, I have given the students a chance to earn back full credit for this first quiz rather than the usual half-credit they will get the rest of the year for their Error Analysis.   Students therefore had a chance to still end up with a 100A+ for this first quiz.   Sadly, many students still have not completed and/or turned in their Error Analysis, even though we essentially did the whole thing together.  They will be given until next Tuesday (Sept. 24, one week after it was returned) to get their quiz with error analysis back to me for the full credit; after that, it will go back down to the usual half credit.

The rest of the week was devoted to reviewing the properties of the real number system: commutative, associative, identity, inverse, distributive, and zero.  All of these properties have been covered in previous grade levels, thus students have begun working with the trickier pieces that get thrown into the mix.  Wednesday, they did a sorting activity that had them identifying some "basic" examples of the different properties.  Thursday they started working on a matching activity that had examples of some much trickier examples, which they then turned into flash cards they could use to review and study.   As previously posted, the quiz was postponed to give a bit more time for us to work together in class; instead it will be given on Monday (Sept. 23) after a quick review.

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