Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Quizzes, Tests, & Error Analysis

At this point, students have taken and gotten back two quizzes and one test (aside from a few who finished the test today).  As students have been told in class and as the Error Analysis (EA) letter sent home the first week states, students can perform an EA to earn back points to help their grades.  This not only helps students improve their grades, but also helps them find and learn from their mistakes.  As previously stated in a Weekly Class Summary, I went through the entire first quiz with the students, showing them how to perform a proper EA.

For an EA, students should not only correct the problem but also provide an explanation for it, either explaining why they were wrong the first time or why the answer has to be solved a certain way and is thus correct now.  For that first quiz, they could receive full points back for each corrected problem provided that a proper explanation was also given.  For everything after, students can receive half credit back for multiple choice problems and full points for those that emulate TEI (technology enhanced item) questions, which often have more than one correct answer and partial credit is not given for these.

Parents and guardians, please encourage your student to take advantage of this opportunity.  Students, if you have any questions, you know you can always ask!

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